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Covid vaccine is here

Covid Vaccines are finally here for the public.

Construction workers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC are considered essential work force. So these people are now able to get their vaccines. Even people that are anti-vaccers should get the shots because many of the construction sites or businesses will probably require it to work on their premises. And by getting vaccinated you will help to get this done with. So go out and get your shot!

DD-HD30_VBP Hilti Vacuum Plate

Damn it, now we broke a vacuum plate.

Broke one of the vacuum plates on the base of the Hilti drill stands. It is solid aluminum so it is not trash. There goes another $1,000. Crap!!!

Access panel to small crawl space

The things we are asked to do?

So we were asked to drill a few 5" diameter holes in a small crawl space between offices. To get to the space we had to go through a small 2'x2' access panel on our hands and knees. Not normally a big deal until you have to take a massive drilling rig and stand with all the necessary equipment in there as well. Sometimes you got to do what ya gotta do.


Hilti DD-250 Core Drill Motor

One of our Hilti DD250 drill motors burned up today.

Too old and probably not repairable to get fixed this time. Had to get another one today. $3,000. Ouch are they expensive. Oh Well, what are ya gonna do?

Guy wearing a surgical mask

Mandatory Covid requirements on job sites.

So Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC are all making social distancing and mask wearing mandatory. If while on a job site and you are not wearing a mask or pulling it down below your chin you will probably be asked to leave the site. At all times we will conform to all safety regulations put in place to project us all. We want this to be over as soon as possible so we will do our part in that objective.

Corona Virus Covid 19 Spikey Protein

Covid is all around, be safe!

Well it looks like the Corona Virus or Covid 19 is all around and spreading like crazy. Many job sites are closed down or put on hold. We are still available to come out to sites that are practicing safety measures like social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks. Please be safe, God bless.