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Concrete Core Drilling Services

Cores are needed for many applications such as electrical, plumbing and heating, communications cabling, HVAC, computer cabling and more. Discover how core drilling can benefit your project.

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Concrete core drilling or "coring" is the process of drilling round holes through concrete, marble, stone, brick or other “rock like” solid building materials. These holes can be drilled horizontally for floor holes and vertically for wall holes. The diameter and depths for these holes are virtually endless. We are experts at coring in concrete, marble, stone and granite using the latest diamond core boring techniques.

Diamond coated core bits and high powered drill motors on stands are the most commonly used tools to cut the holes. These are called “core rigs”. They can be operated in a vertically, horizontally. The drills can be either electric, hydraulic, air or gas powered. Electric and hydraulic can be used for both indoor and outdoor use while gas is usually used outdoors only. The core bits consist of a steel tube with diamond segments on the end. They can vary from ½” to more than 20” in diameter. They can be mounted by either a magnet, vacuum plate or an anchoring system.

There are several applications for core drilling. A majority of these would include holes drilled for construction "utility penetrations" such as electrical, plumbing and heating, communications cabling, HVAC ducts, computer cabling etc… There is also a use for core drilling for residential clients for items such as venting for furnaces or clothes dryers.

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